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How does one describe the talent and career of Marty Raybon in only a few paragraphs? Throughout his epic journey, spanning nearly three decades, Marty has produced a remarkable list of career accomplishments including; multiple number one singles, top selling albums, CMA, ACM, IBMA, and Grammy Awards, along with scores of other accolades. Collectively, his contributions to the recording industry have sold well into the millions and he has performed literally thousands of live concerts at four corners of the earth. But what does all that really say about Marty Raybon? Among his contemporaries, he is considered to possess one the purest natural country voices in the business. Here are just a few comments.


• Gary LeVox, Lead vocalist of Rascal Flatts, refers to Marty Raybon as “The greatest singer on the planet to this day!”

• Country music star, Josh Turner says, “Marty is one of the best soul singers in music. He gets inside a song and turns it inside out. When you listen to him sing, he makes every word sound important and makes you feel as though he is singing straight to you. I love everything he’s done. He’s a great singer, a great artist, and a great man”,

• Grammy Award winning Christian artist, Jason Crabb says that Marty has “One of the greatest voices to ever sing, with a tear in his voice that will just melt you”.


Again, what does that really say about Marty Raybon? Unequivocally it can be said that Marty Raybon is a talented man, an accomplished man, a man who has left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment. He has appeared on all the major television networks and has been featured in numerous hit music videos. He has circled the globe entertaining millions along the way, always leaving the audience with a clear and lasting impression of himself as singer of songs. It is therefore reasonable to state that Marty Raybon is a famous man. In truth, any effort to sum up “Marty Raybon” in so few words would merely be an exercise in futility. Therefore we offer the following list of career highlights and significant achievements as an attempt to offer the reader a more definitive understanding of the impact Marty Raybon continues to make on the music industry today.

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